Code 0, this stranger…

In recent years, sailing has increasingly been heard about “Code 0”; what is it? Code 0 is a new type of sail, a middle ground between a Genoa and an asymmetric spi (Gennaker); It is used at very narrow apparent wind angles with little wind intensity, but also at wider angles with intense wind when the asymmetric spinnaker is not usable because it is too large.

iCaptain Vela Code 0
Code0 by Stunning, Bruno Stanzione

Being drawn with an area much larger than the bow sail (about twice as much as a Genoa and almost 3 times the area of a bow) is built with lighter materials.

It turns out to be a very important sail to get out of the bonfires during long races or to develop remarkable speeds at the sideways and slack slacks with a more sustained wind.

In addition, unlike the gennaker, Code 0 is bound to a top called “Antitorsion Cable” on the side of the inferance (the forward side of the sail). This summit is practically almost inextensible and allows the sail to be wrapped on itself in the same way that the Genoa is wrapped around the strallo (in fact “cabeless” solutions are already being developed.

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For this reason, Code 0 is also a comfortable cruise sail. Its use greatly increases performance in conditions where the engine is usually used, for example with little wind in gaits from wide to narrow slack.
Code 0 is usually “walled” i.e. fixed at the bottom on a bow horse and in front of the strallo, or on a bowsprit, in case the boat is equipped with it. Deferrals and spinnaker scottes or circuits specially dedicated to this sail can be used for its adjustment.