Guide to choosing the Boat Kit

When you are in the process of preparing the test for your nautical license or you have to renew the on-board boating kit (teams and compass in the first place), the dilemma arises: which of the many kits and products on the market is right for me?

The advice we want to give you is connected both to the objective difficulties that you encounter in the charting operations and related errors, and in choosing products that are not very expensive (useless to spend on products that will be used only for examination or on board in a manner sporadically).

Boat Chart Set

Let’s start by saying that they should never miss: two nautical teams with long side of at least 22-25cm, a nautical compass, a 0.5mm thick mine holder (soft texture but not too much) or lower and a hard eraser to erase so as not to spoil the paper; If you are in the process of preparing an exam for the limitless license from the coast or you will face long crossings I recommend even a line of length 1m and a drawing compass.

Let’s get to the teams. The bigger the better. Possibly with the line of faith and the double colors, the black to prore from 0 to 180 degrees, the red for those from 180 degrees to 360 degrees; In this world it avoids to be confused in the readings of the dials, costing from 5-6 euros to rise each.

For the compass to avoid absolutely those carriers with round tips (to understand us similar to traditional compasses but with round tips) are difficult to handle, close when opened and do not allow the regulation of sensitivity, making you make so many mistakes about coordinates and distances. It’s best to opt for a full-fledged nautical compass with a minimum 20cm aperture and a screw for sensitivity regulation, costing from 10 degrees to rise.

Transport and stowage should also be considered. Teams tend to become easily damaged, and compasses if dropped are prone to tip bends (as well as damaging your prized pair).

In summary, we recommend purchases of professional kits or almost that cost from 20 euros to climb equipped with a comfortable case for both transport and to stow without causing damage to the teams and the compass:

Alternatively, to spend a little less you can try something with the cardboard case (in case you already have any cases) or you can store them in a place protected from shock:

For those who are preparing the exam for the achievement of the nautical license on 5D paper we recommend the following set from carding:

For further advice, write in the comments.

Good Wind to All.